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Welcome to ShotCompare

With our Video Comparison Platform ShotCompare you can upload, compare & share Before/After Videos for Review & Approval and with our embeddable SC Player you can create Before/After SC Players for Websites is an online video comparison platform specialized in showing the differences between two video clips. Use this great and easy-to-use demonstration tool to show clients the added value of your work, to create and convince quotes, or to record video proofs or showreels. And save yourself long descriptions with lots of words. Your customers will quickly get an impression and understanding of your work, effort and added value. ShotCompare – made by professionals for professionals to demonstrate your products and services and increase your sales.

What is ShotCompare

and how it can improve the quality of your service

ShotCompare creates Customer Confidence

With ShotCompare, results can be reviewed, compared and discussed with more understanding

Service providers present the added value of their work and receive more accurate and positive customer feedback

Faster customer acceptance

Good way of providing evidence in the event of complaints in both directions, e.g. quality issues of the source/reworked material

Good self-monitoring and self-improvement for the service provider

Customers gain more understanding and a better ability to assess the overall performance of the service provider

Strengthens customer loyalty and business relationships through a "good feeling" on both sides


SC Platform Features

  • Easy upload of 2 videos
  • Automatic creation of video comparisons
  • Side-by-side slider comparison
  • Before/After comparison
  • Share with unlimited recipients
  • Review on mobile
  • SC Player embeddable in websites via iFrame
  • Customizable player design
  • Subsequent exchange of videos
  • Automatic updates via cloud
  • Supported by the majority of browsers
  • Constant enhancements
  • * Firefox (v100), Chrome (v101), Safari (v15), Opera (v86), Edge (v101), functionality limited on IOS mobile devices

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Client Acquisition

Customer service with ShotCompare

Embedding the SC player