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We are living in a decade of digital growth. The digital market is booming and new technologies are springing up like mushrooms. Broadcasters, content creators and publishers are transforming their business structures from traditional models to platforms for digital media and distributing their content worldwide. Via cloud technology, small and medium-sized companies also gain access to the global digital marketplaces and can offer attractive services and products, achieve a wide reach and react quickly to the sometimes unpredictably changing competitive conditions.

TheCGC is moving away from its dependence on the advertising-based TV business and is working on scalable, flexibly expandable products with strategically interesting target groups and great business potential for the future. We offer ample long-term investment space for the international distribution of the technology we have developed.



Be on Our Side

This year we are launching our "ShotCompare" product for collaboration, entertainment and marketing. The launch started in Genf, Switzerland. Now is the ideal time to come on board as investor, partner, sponsor, etc... to participate on the patent-applications for this unique technology and benefit from our international growth.


For the global distribution of ShotCompare, Marketers are welcome to join us to combine international marketing programs and benefit from our content production, such as interviews, tutorials, advertising clips, reels, livestreams, etc... We regularly provide good offers for co-marketing. For further information, we kindly ask you to contact us.



Interview with the Inventor of ShotCompare


In the video, we talk about the development and benefits of the first embodiment disclosed in the patent-application and offer partners the opportunity to benefit from the market launch of the technology. We have developed the "ShotCompare" player to compare videos with web browsers. The special feature of "ShotCompare" is the common control of the videos, an uninterrupted switching during playback between the different display modes within a common video window in a web browser. The main advantage of the web player is the bundling of multiple videos. The multi-video platform "ShotCompare" is currently being built around the player, where media service providers and freelancers as well as their clients can present their work in order to optimise the process of video editing and collaboration with team colleagues, clients and a wide range of stakeholders. The SC Player can be embedded on websites to display any content, e.g. to advertise products and services.