Version History and Release Notes

Version 01.01.04
New Features
  • Storage Upgrade from 1GB to 2.5GB for free registered user
  • New feature "Timeline Caching" enabled
  • New feature "Media Converter" integrated
Bug Fixes
  • Further various design and functionality bug fixes
  • Autoscroll in chat not work bug fixes
  • Auto delete unshared videos not work bug fixes
  • Divider line in SC-news Iframe Player not work bug fixes
  • Landscape in mobile view not work bug fixes
Version 01.01.03
New Features
  • Customer Zone publish
  • Side by Side with divider line
  • Chat system added
Bug Fixes
  • In Edit profile page is a unwanted word visible issue fixes
  • Signup for free to share your videos for reviewing and get manageable video storage issue fixes
  • Proxy video visible issue fixes
  • Player responsivity issue fixes
Version 01.01.02
New Features
  • Fullscreen view
  • Loop function
  • Synchronous playback
  • Before/After function
Bug Fixes
  • A whole bunch of them...
Version 01.01.01
Release first version with following features
  • Playback of 2 videos in 1 single player
  • Visualizations of differences
  • Subsequent exchange of videos
  • Side by side function