Case Study


How ShotCompare can help to save money

ShotCompare shows the differences of two videos – and this can be used as a fact, like a proof to tell someone: “You see, this is what we got – and is what we made of it.” No need to convince somebody with words, just upload & show.

We just had a case where we made an estimate based on some material samples at the start of production. After accepting the job, the first shipments came in. Here it became apparent that the material required more restoration work than was previously apparent.

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Role of Shotcompare in our daily work life

We had the assignment to create a look for a daily soap. After creating 2 different looks, we would have actually rendered out 2 videos as usual and emailed them, or shared them on another share platform. This would have given the client the opportunity to see both looks again, one after the other.

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LUTs comparisons through Shotcompare tool

I often use the ShotCompare to demonstrate to my customers small changes I have made to the LUT settings. This often gives the customer a better insight into our work. I have also found that communication with the customer becomes easier. Using the video comparisons, he can better describe what he wants or doesn’t want.

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Make it easier for clients

Here is an example from a user of how Shotcompare facilitates communication with the client. "For this project, we used shotcompare to show the client sample of the grading while we are working." The result was amazing because the client just clicked a link and managed to watch both before and after at the same time.

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